Concept コンセプト

Let kids be kids

We would like to create the space that children can be children.

Nursery schools/kindergartens are the space for living and an important place for children to experience their first society.
The time being kids is not so long in their whole life. Feel as a child, explore as a child, think as a child.

“Let kids be kids!” A space where you can spend time with a smile.
That is the nursery schools/kindergarten design that we aim for.

We have been specializing in “child- facilities”, has helped to embody the entrusted business of each nursery schools/kindergartens.
We are aware that as a “designer” is the most important partner for nursery schools/kindergartens that takes advantage for the great project of a rare opportunity in a long team frame.

It is a great honor to be chosen as a partner from many design offices.
The responsibility for the company and each of the staff is crucial, but every time we see the children playing and the teachers working in the completed nursery schools/kindergartens, we share a great sense of accomplishment and joy with everyone involved.
In retrospect, over the past 30 years, we were able to engage in the creation of over 500 nursery schools/kindergartens throughout the country.

The approach to “what kind of environment should be” variation of nursery school/kindergarten is very diverse.
Our work begins when we meet diverse thoughts, expectations, and dreams that differ from one nursery school/kindergarten to another.

Creating a nursery school/kindergarten is more than creating the “space” necessary for childcare.
What kind of time will children spend in the space? We are creating a “space” and designing the “time” of the children who spend there.